The pandemic brought its fair share of problems, one of which could be lurking on your face. “Maskne” may sound cute, but the breakouts due to mask-wearing are far from funny. We have to protect ourselves and others, so wearing a mask is a must, but the pimples popping up are a problem we weren’t quite expecting.

If you have been noticing that your skin has been suffering since COVID-19 struck, you are not alone. Maskne is part of this “new normal,” and while it’s peanuts compared to what some people are dealing with, it still sucks. Here’s how you can banish these bothersome breakouts and reveal nice-looking skin underneath your shield.


Keep It Clean                                                       

If you have the type of mask meant for repeated use, be sure to clean it daily. Follow the instructions, use a mild, chemical-free cleanser, and allow it to dry completely before putting it on again. If you keep wearing the mask without cleaning it, not only are you putting yourself at risk COVID-wise, but you are doing your skin a disservice. Oils, dirt, makeup, etc. begin to build up on the fabric, and as this comes into contact with your skin, it can irritate, clog your pores, and so on. A clean mask may not be foolproof, but it’s far better than wearing a mask that’s filthy or full of germs. Use a disposable one to save time.

Along with cleaning your mask, keep your skin fresh and clean too. Before putting on your mask, clean your face with a gentle cleanser, and after you remove it, wash up again. Don’t overdo it, as too much washing can be drying, but be sure to make it a habit to maintain good hygiene.


Minimal Makeup

If you wear makeup regularly, now’s the time to keep it light, or avoid makeup altogether, specifically on the skin that’s beneath the mask. Play up your eyes if you can’t go without makeup entirely, but lay off the foundation, concealer, bronzer, etc. on your skin. You want your skin to breathe, and your mask is already preventing the normal airflow to hit your skin. Makeup only adds another layer to the mix. Embrace your natural beauty and you’ll have a better chance of avoiding breakouts.


Take A Break…Safely

Whenever you can do so safely, remove your mask to allow your skin to breathe. Be sure to only do this when you are not around others. Some of us must wear a mask all day for work or due to lifestyle, but there is always an opportunity to take a breather and remove the mask, at least for a few minutes. Use this time to splash some water on your face, or use a face wipe to refresh the skin. Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes with cucumber and sage extracts are especially invigorating, and they are gentle on the skin.


See A Dermatologist

If your maskne breakouts are particularly problematic, your dermatologist can prescribe a cream or ointment to treat the situation. Some people are prone to breakouts, and wearing a mask only exacerbates the issue.


Hopefully, this helps. Maskne isn’t what we expected in 2020, but the year was full of unwelcome firsts. Here’s to a New Year, clearer skin, and lots to look forward to!