I remember the day very well. The truth is I always had thought about becoming a runner, but just never made the commitment to it through high school, college, or even my twenties. However, I knew once I had committed to purchasing my first real pair of running shoes that I was going to give this a go.


Why the Need to Become a Runner

I always admired runners as they challenged themselves physically and mentally to go that extra mile. Plus, being able to get a good workout while clearing your mind and running out in the country is something that really appealed to me.


Plan Ahead of Time







The great thing about becoming a runner is that it really does not cost anything except your time. I spent $50 on running shoes and have enough fitness clothes to run in so I definitely didn’t need to go out and get more. I also use my phone to supply the tunes as I sweat on down the road and have an assortment of headphones to choose from.

When I started running, I did a couple of miles twice a week only on sunny days. Now I try to run every other day, regardless of rain or shine, for a few miles each time. And it may sound silly, but I actually get excited about planning the course that I am running each time out. It is like a little private adventure as I explore side roads that I have never been on before.


The Benefits Associated with Running








I had noticed that I had a few extra pounds accumulating in areas of my body that I was not happy about. Why is it that the extra weight always goes to the wrong places? Anyway, the American Council on Exercise has created a chart on how many calories different exercises burn, and at the top of the list of most effective calorie-burning exercises is running. It will definitely get you the most bang for your buck!

Heart disease is the number one killer across the globe. Running can decrease blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol as well. Looking good on the outside as well as the inside is something to strive for.

Bone density also decreases as we get older. This makes us more susceptible to injury. As an example, my great aunt is getting up there in age and she took a slight fall a couple of months ago. It didn’t look serious, but she broke a bone. Running can build stronger bones so when you get to the age of my aunt, a little tumble will not have you on the shelf for months.

Exercise, in general, will improve your mood. But there is something about being outside in nature and working up a sweat while running that seems to be the best therapy one can experience. In a world where more doctors seem to be prescribing medication while exercise can do the trick instead, it feels good to tackle your problems the all-natural way!


Things to Be Aware Of







Before you commit to a running program, talk to your doctor about any concerns you may have. Everyone should have the goal of getting healthier, but approach it smartly. And if you are doubting yourself in the beginning, recruit a friend to start this new hobby with you. It is always easier to do something new when you have a Thelma to your Louise.