Organization is huge for me, so keeping my home clutter-free is essential. Not only do I love a tidy atmosphere, but the harmonious nature of having things in place allows for a sanctuary-like space that keeps me from stressing out.

If you love shopping like I do, it is far too easy to quickly accumulate lots of knick-knacks, souvenirs, and mementos, and before long, a once-empty area becomes overloaded. It is nice to have items around the house that have personal meaning, but too much of a good thing turns a well-meaning pastime into a problem.

You can still have the stuff you want without the clutter. Not to mention, there are other smart ways you can clear out your living space and create a calmer, more coordinated home. Below are my four favorite ways to declutter, and you can do it too.



Take inventory of your belongings and do a monthly “purge.” Hold onto what you just can’t part with and give the rest away to charity or as a thoughtful re-gift. If it’s not something you use, wear, or marvel at regularly, it is time to let it go. You won’t miss something that is barely, if ever, on your radar. As they say, one woman’s “trash” is another’s treasure. Let your belongings live with someone who’ll actually appreciate them.

If you want to make some side money while still re-homing your unwanted items, check out consignment stores and online resellers, including The RealReal (clothing),  Etsy, eBay, and even Craigslist. Hold a yard sale and meet some new neighbors while you’re at it.



You do not have to keep everything you own out in the open. If you have seasonal items you display year-round, now’s the time to store them away to make room for timelier décor. As for your clothing, box up your winter clothing when the weather warms up and vice versa. Same goes for accessories, handbags, and shoes. You will have a much more productive time in the closet when you can actually find what you’re looking for. Fishing through sweaters in summertime makes no sense.



When my things are kept in a strategic fashion, it is so much easier to maintain a mess-free home. I apply this coordination concept to my kitchen and pantry items especially (like spices and cereal), but it can be done for anything, including accessories/jewelry, clothing, cleaning supplies, and toiletries. When everything is categorized in a useful and understandable way, I can keep my things neat and put them back right where they belong. This is a great idea for kids’ toys too; hopefully, the little ones will follow suit.


Ask Yourself…Do I Really Need This?

When you are out shopping or perusing online, before you make the purchase, take a pause. Will another picture frame or candlestick make a difference in your décor, or are you simply filling your time with a tempting habit? It is no doubt fun to find new things, but it is just as special to enjoy what you already have. Shop with sensibility and self-control. Save the money for something spectacular.


Good luck with your decluttering. Your home will feel heavenly when it’s spacious and sleek. Home is where the heart is, not the hoard!