Relationships are challenging and require care and attention to thrive. Add the long-distance element into the mix, and the couple must work even harder for their partnership to stay positive.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and perhaps that’s true. But fondness doesn’t necessarily keep a relationship where it needs to be to work. Long distance couples have to take their commitment to the next level, as it is not nearly as easy to manage the ups and downs all couples face when they are not face-to-face.

These tips below can help make long distance relationships more doable, especially when the love and compatibility is already there. It may not be ideal to be miles apart, but when both parties are willing to handle the hurdle, the outcome can be beautiful.


Do Dinner







You may not be seated at the same table, but nowadays, you can go for a high-tech meal, even if you are on different continents. FaceTime or Zoom as you sit down to dinner, making the scenario as close to the real thing as you can.

You may even wish to cook the same meal or “share” a bottle of wine. Discuss your day and spend time eating slowly rather than scarfing it down. Keep the conversation going as you clean up and sit back on the sofa.

The time you have to talk is precious, so sidestep the small talk and get serious…or sexy!


Send Fun and Flirty Texts






Since you can’t see each other all the time, texting is your way of staying connected, any time of day. Whenever the mood strikes, send a love note, a “meme” or joke, a cute emoji, or even a photo of yourself to remind your partner that you are thinking about them.

These quick communications may not be especially deep or dramatic, but they keep you both involved and intrigued, and they only take seconds to send.

Promise one another that you won’t let too much time lag before responding and get to know one another’s schedules, so you are not left wondering where they’ve been when you don’t hear back.


Make the Most of Your Time Together







When you do have the chance to see each other in person, make every moment count. Clear your calendar and give your undivided attention to one another. Plan special dates, go sightseeing, or stay home to get reacquainted.

You have plenty of opportunities to see your friends and family when your special someone isn’t around, so they will certainly understand why you’re “MIA” when your partner comes to town.

There may be pressure for everything to be perfect, so don’t stress the small stuff. The most important thing is that you’re together, so use the time wisely and don’t get wrapped up in things that are a waste of time.

Hopefully, your long-distance relationship won’t always be that way, and eventually you can be together full-time. Until then, roll with it and rely on your strength to see you through.