“Hold up your cup here is some positive tea that I want to pour out for you.”


 Are you happy? You deserve to be happy. Not just any kind of happy, but genuinely happy. Yet, how can you be happy during something like the COVID-19 pandemic? How can you even think about happiness and peace during these times?

You might think it is difficult and impossible, and that a life of happiness and peace in 2020 requires specific happenings. This is not so. There is no perfect time or right time. Every day you deserve to feel like you’re excited to be alive. I’m not looking over the fact that most of us have heard the voice of “2020” whisper things like:


“You won’t achieve happiness.”

“Life won’t give you what you want.”

“From now on this is how it will always be.”

However, you can choose to not allow 2020 to defeat you.

You can choose to still act on your dream. Why? Because NO YEAR and NO ONE can overrule your decision to live a blissful life.

“No human on earth has power over you; you are the driver of your own life; don’t give up your driver’s seat.”-Lyoshi Esters


You deserve to feel good about your life. You deserve to look forward to the future with a hopeful mindset instead of a fearful one.

So, what’s my goal? It is to motivate you to FIGHT for your RIGHT to be HAPPY.


Here are 3 simple ways to live a happier life in 2020.


1. Be a doer

The doers are the ones that take it from the mind and into real life. They aren’t afraid to just do it and make their happiness a reality.

When life is beating you down, get up, fight back, be a doer.

Don’t just accept your outcomes. Don’t be submissive. Be active, a doer. Give your fears and stress the boot and power through like a Dodge Challenger vehicle. Your happiness is on the other side!


2. Practice mindfulness

Do you ever notice how one negative thought can send us into a place of distress, fear, shame or sadness? Practicing mindfulness can help us to identify and disengage these thoughts, moving our attention back to the present moment with thoughts that support us.

Mindfulness has been shown to help us be less affected by stress, more relaxed and more productive.

For the next 15 days, choose one of these activities to focus on each day.

  • Walking the dog for 15 minutes (Listen to your breathing, listen to your footsteps, and let your dog walk you safely around the park.)
  • Taking a shower (Listen to the sound of the water as it relaxes your brain, take this moment and allow your thoughts and feelings to be washed away.)
  • Soothing Music (Permit yourself to only listen to the music, without constantly checking your email or searching google or social media on your phone. If it helps, close your eyes and imagine being an island with you and your music.)


3. Be Part of Something Bigger

 The secret to happiness is helping others. There is no experience more uplifting than giving. The more you practice, the better you feel, and the more natural it becomes to be generous! When you focus on becoming part of something bigger than yourself, your happiness is increased. Whether you’re giving time, talents, money, or items of need to an organization, it just feels good to be a part of something positive happening in your neighborhood. It feels good to be a part of the people working on an issue that is important to you.


Alrighters, follow these simple steps and capture your happiness. Remind yourself that you do deserve to be happy and that it is your right to be happy. Nothing is more powerful than the recognition that you deserve to be living the life you want. Being happy is not a privilege – it is something everyone deserves.

Hope your cup is full of positivity!