When we talk about “superfoods,” I’m sure you’re like me and think of people scooping multicolored powders out of tubs and mixing it into smoothies. Not all of us have time during the busy week to identify as nutrition nuts or buy into the idea of spooning powdered algae into drink mixes. But I’m going to tell you honestly that you could be missing out on some amazing health benefits.

One of these superfoods is called “chlorella.” Yes, I’ll save you the Google search – it’s powdered freshwater algae. Once you read the benefits it offers, though, you may be sold on its ability to prevent disease and slow the symptoms of aging. You may forget that you’re eating dehydrated seaweed, as I’ve learned to. Here are 8 amazing health benefits of this aquatic superfood.


1. Removing Toxins

Chlorella can slow down the toxic buildup in your body that leads to diseases and chronic conditions if left unchecked. Metal toxicity can poison your blood and cells and over time lead to degradation. It’s one of the reasons diets are always talking about detoxing to heal your body from the metal and chemicals that it absorbs in modern daily life. Chlorella could be part of a great detox regimen.


2. Immune System Benefits

Cold and flu season is coming up and you and I both know that if you get sick or the kids get sick then everyone is getting sick. It can throw off your whole week.

Knowing that chlorella boosts immune cell numbers may be enough to convince you to start taking it before the sick season hits. There’s a chemical in it called interferon that’s like nature’s pick-me-up for a tired immune system.


3. Better Brain Function

Vitamin B-12 is a crucial vitamin for brain health. A healthy supply has been shown to increase concentration and recall memory, which will be sure to help you focus during the busy week.

The issue is that our bodies have trouble absorbing most dietary B-12. We can absorb the specific type of B-12 in Chlorella, though, which gives you all its health benefits. This includes improved brain function.


4. Higher Heart Health

The same B-12 that keeps your brain going will also help your heart function better, which includes clearing up your arteries by pumping harder and increasing your healthy blood cell count.

Your heart needs healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels to last a lifetime and chlorella can give you both.


5. Reducing Pain

Aches and pains get more common as we get older. And juggling a job and kids doesn’t do any favors for your back at any age. But chronic stiffness or achiness doesn’t have to be your new normal. Taking chlorella is one way to reduce aches and pains naturally.


6. Energy Boosts

Fatigue can make your whole week grind to a halt, but synthetic energy boosters will only make you jittery (or worse) in the long run. Chlorella provides a natural energy boost so you can fight fatigue on a daily basis with no side effects.


7. Healthier Skin

Healthy skin requires cell renewal from all the beating it takes from the sun and wind. There’s something called the “Chlorella Growth Factor” which helps it do that for you. At the cellular level, this factor helps chlorella regenerate healthy skin cells. You’ll look more vibrant and younger as a result.


8. Improved Digestion

Cramps, bloating, gas, diarrhea, and constipation are all common digestive issues that can wreak uncommon havoc on a busy workday if left untreated. Chlorella counteracts digestion-related inflammation with its mix of Vitamin D, chlorophyll, and beta-carotene, all ingredients it gets by virtue of being algae.


The Takeaway

The term “superfood” gets thrown around a lot, but chlorella really is one of the good ones. It’s great for detoxing and improving immune function, but also has a ton of secondary benefits to your heart, skin, and stomach.

Fatigue, aching, or bloating that comes on naturally and isn’t related to an underlying disease shouldn’t be throwing off your whole week. Chlorella can help you balance your body’s functions and take the edge off the inconvenient symptoms of getting busier at the same time you’re getting older.