Even the ancient Egyptians knew how amazing flaxseeds are, which is why we’ve been eating them for their nutrition content for thousands of years. Modern science has shown us exactly why by revealing its nutrient composition, which is high in fiber, healthy fats and fatty acids, proteins, calcium, and iron. They’re both nutrient-dense and full of calories as well.

Flaxseeds contain powerful antioxidants and phytochemicals that are difficult to get from natural sources in the modern world. Adding flaxseeds to your diet can improve your health in many ways. Here are the 5 essential reasons how this superfood can help you.


1. Flaxseeds are Rich in Proteins and Healthy Fats







Proteins and healthy fats help us maintain appetite control as well as support healthy cardiovascular function. This is one of the main reasons why flaxseeds have become so popular. Omega-3 fatty acids are infamous for their heart-healthy effects and for slowing mental aging processes.


2. Flaxseeds have Anti-Inflammatory Properties







Those fatty acids can also act as an anti-inflammatory and reduce the levels of key proteins responsible for inflammation in our bodies. Lowering this inflammation can have huge benefits on your cardiovascular health, as well as reduce your risk for chronic diseases.


3. Flaxseeds Promote Healthy Digestion







Flaxseeds, especially in the form of flaxseed oil, promote healthy digestion and gastrointestinal health. Flaxseed oil acts as a powerful laxative and anti-diarrheal agent as well, which promotes your overall bowel regularity.

When you’re on a tight work schedule, inconsistent bowel activity can be troublesome. Regularly consuming flaxseeds can help.


4. Flaxseeds have Anti-Cancer Properties







Flaxseeds have been shown to slow the spread of certain cancers. By reducing oxidative stress and aiding DNA repair, the healthy proteins and acids in flaxseeds can kill cancer cells before they spread.


5. Flaxseeds contain Lignans







Lignans are antioxidants that aren’t common in modern diets. They occur naturally in seeds and some whole grains and can inhibit the overproduction of estrogen. They’re also a powerful antioxidant.

This means that the lignans in flaxseeds can help you manage the effects of hormone-related diseases and reduce the risk of cancers related to sex hormones, such as breast and prostate cancer.

Lignans also encourage digestive health and repair gut flora, as well as balance cholesterol levels. Just four tablespoons of flaxseeds a day can give you all the lignans you need to reap their impressive health benefits.


The Takeaway

Flaxseeds are rich in proteins and healthy fats, which is great news for vegetarians that need to find natural plant sources to get their daily allowance. They also promote healthy digestion and fight cancer, two of the hallmarks of viable superfoods.

Flaxseeds can also protect against the effects of out-of-control estrogen, which makes them unique in the food world as a cautionary measure against the formation of breast cancer.

For anyone, but especially for women, flaxseeds can enhance your body’s protective measures against hormone-related cancers and keep your digestion moving in the meantime.