Unleashing Your Unique Talents and Gifts in Service of a World in Need

So you have probably noticed things aren’t going so well on planet earth right now. Nothing and no-one remains untouched by our unprecedented global upheaval as it’s impact takes its toll on our feelings, thoughts, perspectives and experiences and much else besides. It’s unequivocally all change and unfortunately, the destructive type. When you unleash a Phoenix however, it’s natural that its devastation precedes any subsequent resurrection and that, I would propose, is the true reason behind the wholesale worldly chaos we’re all experiencing right now. Imagine, however, the potential: all the planetary possibilities that could arise from said destruction, if we individually and collectively choose to step up and instigate a better way. On a personal level, each of us has the power to choose our response to what’s going on and which perspective, version of truth, attitude and action we wish to adopt moving forward. If each of us simply decided to model, with integrity, the knowledge, skills and worldly wisdom that we’ve specifically acquired along our life paths, how easy and authentic would it be to create a world in which we all felt we belonged; a world in which we’d all love to live and felt inspired to nurture. Sounds logical thus far, but here comes the big question… you knew it was coming. How on Earth is that possible? As humans, as you’ve probably noticed, we’re not always primed to respond and take action and it seems that we fall broadly into one of four categories, a familiar concept to those of you who know something about psychology and how the mind works. Those who feel powerless to affect any level of change, so don’t even consider it. Those who feel powerless to affect change, but may nonetheless have thought about it. Those who know they can affect change, but can’t be bothered; ie; it’s too much effort, so they leave it to someone else. And those who know they can affect change and actually feel sufficiently inspired to take action. In essence: the few! If we wish to creating a tipping point with the purpose of ushering in a new global ‘operating’ system, a few, however, is all we need. It only takes about 7% of the world population to start thinking and behaving in the same way to affect global consciousness and generate massive transformative shifts for the whole of humanity. A small, but increasingly bright light on the horizon of our current global destruction, (that providentially appears not to be a mega nuclear explosion), is the apparent growth in the number of individuals feeling called and willing to explore how they, as individuals, can make their difference in a field of endeavor that inspires them to step out of their comfort zone and live what’s important to them. Each person adding their own personal weight towards achieving that necessary tipping point, moving us closer to a more enlightened planetary state of consciousness. And when we consider the state of the world today and [...]