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5 Things to Give Up On

How Bad Do You Want the Life You Want? “Hold up your cup here is some positive tea that I want to pour out for you”. In order for one to be successful in entrepreneurship, there are certain things that one must be ready to give up on. Entrepreneurial success does not come in a day, meaning that one must be able to lay down short-term and long-term goals. In that process, one needs to give up on things that may hamper progress as well as attainment of the set goals. More so, one needs to sustain personal discipline and commitment to goals and objectives. The list of things to give up on are individual-centered, hence everyone has a specific list. The following section looks into five items that one needs to give up on in order to realize success in entrepreneurship. One, giving up on procrastination is the first step. Most people tend to procrastinate, hence end up failing at meeting their goals and responsibilities in a timely manner. In entrepreneurship, one needs to meet the needs of customers and clients, which must be done in a timely manner. Failure to meet their needs in a timely manner may impact their loyalty, hence leading to low returns. On the other hand, procrastination makes an individual waste precious time. After planning for certain responsibilities, they must be executed as planned in order to avoid time wastage. Two, a person needs to give up on leading an unhealthy lifestyle. It has been established that such a lifestyle impacts one’s performance, hence may positively or negatively impact it. For instance, for someone who does routine physical activities, he is able to refresh energy and will perform better than one who does not. In this light, one needs to give up on an unhealthy lifestyle that gradually impacts performance and productivity. Third, it is highly important for one to give up on the ‘magic bullet’ mindset, which makes an individual believe that at a particular time things will work out. Normally, an entrepreneur makes decisions regarding how to attain financial goals over a period of time. Making short-term as well as long-term goals is where the key lies without waiting for a day when everything will magically work out. One needs to have a mindset of cause and effect where planning and decision-making will lead to favorable outcomes as desired. Fourth, it is important for one to stop spending unnecessarily. Mainly, every successful entrepreneur invested and made savings before climbing up the ladder to become a known entrepreneur. Actually, investing and saving have been recommended as the most effective ways of attaining financial stability. One needs to spend when it is necessary and should not buy items that are not needed. Impulse-buying and wastefulness have been the leading causes of financial instability for majority of working individuals. Further, in spending, it is imperative for one to prioritize so as to do it optimally. Finally, it is important for [...]

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