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The Best Ways to Help A Partner with Depression

Dealing with depression can be brutal, especially when your partner is suffering. We go through so many issues in life, and not everything is going to be perfect. When you commit to someone and love them no matter their highs and lows, you’ve signed up for staying by their side through thick and thin. It is not easy or ideal. No one is saying your relationship won’t have its bumps in the road or even a breaking point. But now is the time to be strong, showing your partner that you will help them get through their depression – listening, learning, and providing a steady shoulder to lean on. Your love is their anchor, your support is their hope, and just being there proves you are a true partner.   No Judgement             It is important that you aren’t judgmental or jump to conclusions about your partner’s emotional/mental state. As much as they may share, you still won’t fully know what they are going through, how they are struggling silently, and if or when they will see that light at the end of the tunnel. Your role is to provide comfort and care, express concern, and be open to any and all communication. You may feel scared, sad, frustrated, or confused. Your emotions are valid and expected. Think before you speak, be gentle, and pay attention to both their verbal and physical cues. It is going to be difficult for your partner to be vulnerable, and equally challenging for you to be their sounding board. Just be sure to show sympathy, even if you don’t have a solution or anything to say.   Seek Professional Help             If your partner has not yet sought professional help from a counselor or therapist, perhaps it’s up to you to make that move, or at least aid them in the process. Unless you happen to be one yourself, you won’t have the tools or knowhow that a professional has to deal with depression on a deeper level. It may take many sessions before you see a breakthrough, but just talking it out is helpful, step by step. It may come to the point where your partner needs to take medication or perhaps requires some time solo to deal with their illness. Be understanding, patient, and remain positive. Plenty of people have overcome depression successfully and have gone on to lead fulfilling lives.   Remove the Stigma             To this day, there is an unfair stigma surrounding mental health. It is a shame that as a society, we have not scrapped the notion that mental well being isn’t as “valid” as physical health, and those with depression, for instance, are not always treated seriously. Depression is real, painful, debilitating, and exhausting. It can cause severe suffering and sickness. Be part of the movement to remove the stigma and show your endless support. Increasing awareness [...]

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Helpful Tips for Working Single Parents

Being a single parent is common nowadays, but that doesn’t make it easy. Without a partner present to rely on regularly, it puts the single parent in a predicament. With countless obligations and unforeseen issues, there is always something to do, day in and day out. Getting a break is a blessing, but those come fairly infrequently. If you are a single parent like I am, let’s talk. With all the struggles, there are plenty of positive elements to embrace. After all, your children are the center of your universe, and you’d do anything for them, no matter what it takes. The love you have is immeasurable, so you go through the grind to give them a good life. It’s exhausting, but endlessly rewarding. As a working single parent, you have to find a balance that’s doable and won’t drain you completely. Your hours may be crazy, and your “me time” is a few minutes at best. But if you can come to a place of peace by lessening the pressure you’ve put upon yourself; you’ll find that it is possible to do it all, perhaps with time to spare. Here are three tips to handle the challenges of work and family commitments. Once you get into the groove and can take charge, you’ll be less stressed and more successful, at work, in parenting, and simply as a person.   Schedule             You need structure to stay on track. With too many balls in the air, you’re bound to drop at least one of them. Go high-tech with apps that can keep your schedule in order or do things the old-fashioned way by writing down your appointments and such on a calendar. Do this as far ahead of time as possible, so you don’t double book or miss out on important activities and events. Your daughter’s soccer game is right up there with your staff meeting, so if you know what’s what, you can make it to both. Not to mention, you’ll feel less frazzled when everything is in order, so you won’t have to rely on your memory when your mind is already on a million things.   Ask for Help             There’s no shame in asking a co-worker, family member, or friend for a helping hand. “It takes a village…,” so take the opportunity to ask someone for a reasonable favor when you’re particularly pressured. If your sister or mother can pick up the kids from school so you can finish a work project, it could allow you to focus on the task at hand, uninterrupted. Perhaps you can ask your assistant or a co-worker to send that recap email to the boss. You don’t have to be hands-on at all times if you have a solid team you trust. If your kids’ other parent is in their life, be sure they’re doing their part when it comes to custody arrangements and so [...]

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How to Nurture Friendships

Our friendships are fragile, and keeping them strong and successful is part of what relationships are all about. It is not uncommon to take our friends for granted, and when we don’t nurture our friendships, they can sadly fall apart. Putting forth a conscious effort to maintain close connections is something we should value, particularly when we want to ensure our relationships last a long time. This means paying attention to the details, being attentive always, and weathering the ups and downs that will test your bonds and beliefs. I love my close friends as though they are family. We share secrets and stories and have been one another’s rock when times have been tough. Through good times and bad, we have had each other’s backs, been the shoulder to cry on, and the sounding board for unforeseen scenarios and life’s struggles. We have also celebrated the milestones, major life events, and miracles. In order to keep these friendships solid, I make it a point to evaluate the status of our relationship from time to time. I make sure I do my part to prove I’m a true friend – I put their needs high on my list, I make time to talk, and I give them space when they need some solitude. I never judge or criticize, and I’m patient and protective. Here are two ways you can nurture your friendships, so they don’t get damaged beyond repair. Good friends are hard to come by, so cherish yours and hold them close to your heart.   Be Generous             Generosity goes a long way. This doesn’t mean you have to spend lots of money or make your friends feel less-than due to your good deeds. What you can do is think of your friends, what they may want or need, and give without them having to ask. It’s all about consideration. For example, when you are out running errands one day, pick up a friend’s favorite cupcakes and bring it by their house. Sit down and enjoy the cupcakes with them while you chit chat about your day and what’s going on in your lives.  It’s a simple (and sweet) gesture and gives you an hour or so to connect. Perhaps your friend is out of work. You can’t be expected to pay their bills, but you can help contribute where you can. Offer to pay for their gas when they pick you up or grab the bill when you go for lunch. Things add up, and your kindness will go a long way as they get back on their feet. You can also lend a hand in terms of giving a friend some extra time to tend to their to-dos. Pick up their kids from soccer practice or babysit so they can run errands without the hassle. Your help will be appreciated and enjoyed. Don’t expect anything in return, but a good friend will be the first to [...]

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When and How You Should Talk to Your Kids About Sex

Some conversations aren’t easy, and talking to kids about sex is one of them. Not only is the sex talk hard, what’s even harder is knowing how to start. This may be because you don’t have a model for how things should go or never got a sex talk from your parent. Well, while it is normal to feel awkward and nervous talking about sex to our kids, we must do it. You are probably thinking, so when should I get started? How much should I tell my kids about sex? What’s too much for them to handle? You don’t have to worry, that’s why I’m here. In this blog post, I’ll share tips and strategies to help you learn how to talk to kids about sex.   Initiate the Talk Early and Often             As a parent or caregiver, you might wonder how old a child should be before you talk to them about sex. Well, the answer is sooner than you probably think. Here’s why. When you speak about sexual matters from when kids are young, you have the chance to ease into things and ensure your child is getting accurate information when they need it. This builds a foundation for open communication and makes you the person they come to whenever they need answers.   Use Real Names for Private Parts             Start by teaching your kids the correct names for genitals rather than using slang or nicknames. That means naming the genitals at an early stage in your child’s language development. Penis, scrotum, vulva, clitoris, and nipples are all terms they need to be familiar with. Using the appropriate language to talk about body parts reduces the awkwardness surrounding sex talk and lays the groundwork for a more comfortable conversation about sex later.   Look for Everyday Opportunities             Daily life provides tons of opportunities to start a conversation about sex. Ensure you take advantage of every teachable moment. Dive in and offer accurate information whenever your child says anything related to sex. Don’t wait for the point-blank question to be asked or until they’re teenagers. Try starting the discussions naturally using things that come up on TV (such as ads for condoms, menstrual pads, or birth control).   Answer Their Questions Honestly (But Don’t Overshare)             Kids are naturally curious. Therefore, you should be ready to answer questions. They may begin to ask questions like, “How are babies made?” While the amount of details you give to their answer depends on how much they can comprehend, it is important to answer frankly and truthfully. If you don’t answer their questions, they might begin to seek information elsewhere. However, if you become askable, you become the go-to person whenever there’s a question. Additionally, their questions give you an idea of what they already know and serve as an entry point for [...]

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How to Handle Your Partner’s Family When Things Aren’t Ideal

Your relationship with your significant other may be beautiful, but when their family isn’t on board, it can be crushing. No matter the reason or who’s right, dealing with less-than “perfect” relatives is far from pleasant. Perhaps they think you’re “not good enough” for their beloved. Maybe they don’t like where you’re from or what you do for a living. It could be that they’re snobby or unsophisticated. They may be “testing” you or trying to show you that you’ll never be #1. There are a million scenarios that could be at play, from family squabbles to straight-up sabotage. You may know why they’re on your case or have no clue why they don’t embrace you with open arms. They aren’t giving up or giving in, so it’s up to you to find peace in this unsettling situation. You may never get on their good side but getting close is better than being an outcast. Taking the initiative to make the relationship decent is a daring move, but you’ll be better for it in the short term and long run. There’s always hope that they’ll come around and realize that you’re a gem, worthy of the praise they’ve been putting off. Here are some tips to handle the heartbreak. There’s no room for hate, so handle things with an open mind and optimism. Be dignified and direct, and you may just see a ray of sunshine break through the clouds that could potentially ruin your otherwise happy relationship.   Don’t Tiptoe Around the Subject – Be Straightforward and Serious           It’s time to talk. Take the offenders aside and ask them what’s up. Don’t point fingers or start a fight but ask if you’ve said or done anything that they’ve found off-putting or offensive. If you come out of the gates with blame, it’s only going to cause more tension. If you approach things from the angle of care and concern, they won’t be defensive. Be the one to acknowledge there’s an issue and be willing to work it out. Even if you’re sure you’ve done nothing to spark the situation, be patient and let your guard down. Have confidence, and don’t cave. If they can’t give you the benefit of the doubt, then you may just have to try again when you have the chance. Expecting a 180-turnaround in one conversation isn’t realistic, so take every opportunity to raise the issue when possible. With persistence and a peaceful perspective, your efforts may be recognized.   Enlist the Help of Your Partner to Ease the Unrest           You need your partner now more than ever to handle this hostility. The stress will put a strain on your relationship, leaving you both feeling exhausted and unhappy. Your partner may love their family deeply, but if they’re treating you unfairly, it’s cause for concern. If your significant other hasn’t already addressed the “elephant in the room,” it’s time for [...]

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3 Great Tips to Keep A Long-Distance Relationship Thriving

Relationships are challenging and require care and attention to thrive. Add the long-distance element into the mix, and the couple must work even harder for their partnership to stay positive. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and perhaps that’s true. But fondness doesn’t necessarily keep a relationship where it needs to be to work. Long distance couples have to take their commitment to the next level, as it is not nearly as easy to manage the ups and downs all couples face when they are not face-to-face. These tips below can help make long distance relationships more doable, especially when the love and compatibility is already there. It may not be ideal to be miles apart, but when both parties are willing to handle the hurdle, the outcome can be beautiful.   Do Dinner             You may not be seated at the same table, but nowadays, you can go for a high-tech meal, even if you are on different continents. FaceTime or Zoom as you sit down to dinner, making the scenario as close to the real thing as you can. You may even wish to cook the same meal or “share” a bottle of wine. Discuss your day and spend time eating slowly rather than scarfing it down. Keep the conversation going as you clean up and sit back on the sofa. The time you have to talk is precious, so sidestep the small talk and get serious…or sexy!   Send Fun and Flirty Texts           Since you can’t see each other all the time, texting is your way of staying connected, any time of day. Whenever the mood strikes, send a love note, a “meme” or joke, a cute emoji, or even a photo of yourself to remind your partner that you are thinking about them. These quick communications may not be especially deep or dramatic, but they keep you both involved and intrigued, and they only take seconds to send. Promise one another that you won’t let too much time lag before responding and get to know one another’s schedules, so you are not left wondering where they’ve been when you don’t hear back.   Make the Most of Your Time Together             When you do have the chance to see each other in person, make every moment count. Clear your calendar and give your undivided attention to one another. Plan special dates, go sightseeing, or stay home to get reacquainted. You have plenty of opportunities to see your friends and family when your special someone isn’t around, so they will certainly understand why you’re “MIA” when your partner comes to town. There may be pressure for everything to be perfect, so don’t stress the small stuff. The most important thing is that you’re together, so use the time wisely and don’t get wrapped up in things that are a waste of time. Hopefully, your long-distance [...]

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Practicing Patience

“Patience attracts happiness; it brings near that which is far.” Swahili Proverb   Eleven months into this pandemic, we are all being pushed to practice a high degree of patience. Patience as we wait to see our loved ones safely. Patience as our business growth is stymied. Patience as we await our turn for a vaccine. Whatever is currently on hold in your life, I suspect you too have suffered moments of anxiety or frustration over the time spent waiting. The lesson of patience and learning to surrender to “right timing” has come front and center for me too. These recent years have been a string of lessons in the value of patience. I knew in my heart that a change was needed years before Herd Spirit manifested in my life. Those years were marked with many successes and many failures in the practice of patience. When we are able to wait for the time to ripen, all manner of blessings unfold before us. When we push, we often end up exhausted and nowhere nearer the goal. Sometimes, we even roll backward. Patience does not mean doing nothing. That is a misconception that results in even greater levels of frustration and anxiety. Patience, instead, is an act of faith that requires a great deal of effort to practice. It is active, not passive, making it the direct balm to our suffering if we can learn to use it. Patience is practiced as a cycle that looks something like this:   We begin with reflection, noticing where we hold tension in the body, what thoughts are causing us to suffer, what situation we believe needs to change? Next, we breathe deeply. We pause and practice releasing tension in the body, returning our mind to a state of receptivity, where superconscious solutions are found. Receptivity is marked by an inner state of calmness. (If you’re curious whether you are calm right now, check out this Calmness Inventory, put together by the author of Calm Compassionate Children, Usha Dermond, and made available by Conscious Families.) When we’re in that balanced frame of mind, we take a step forward. We do what is in front of us to do. This may not look like solving the problem at all. What is before us may be a pile of dishes, it may be a report for work, it may be caring for a loved one. What’s important is that we take the step before us with an open heart. Here we pause and breathe again. Before bringing any thought into the equation, it’s essential to return the body to a resting state. Then we return to reflection. We check in with body, mind, and heart to see if the action we took was the right one. If we reflect that during our activity, we remain mindful and receptive, we know we’re on the right path. We rinse and repeat indefinitely. Patience is not simply waiting for the “universe” to answer [...]

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3 Wonderful Ways to Nurture Love in A Relationship

If you are lucky enough to be in a loving relationship, don’t let the comfort of settling in stop you from giving your partner everything they deserve. While the dynamics of your relationship will inevitably change over time, the core connection is what will keep you lasting for the long haul. Nurturing the love is vital for a relationship to thrive and prosper. Saying “I love you” is special, but it’s not nearly enough to keep it steady and strong. You will need to make a conscious effort to engage in actions and behaviors that speak volumes, along with what you communicate verbally. Being in a long-distance relationship personally, I am constantly aware of how attentive I must be so that our partnership is protected. Not being by each other’s side physically makes things tricky, but we’ve found our own ways to work our magic, even when we’re miles apart. Here are three ways to nurture love in a relationship. It’s worth your while, not only to show your significant other how much they mean to you, but as a benefit to your relationship overall.   Pay Attention to The Details               A little goes a long way, especially when it signifies that you’re looking, listening, and continually learning. You don’t have to go crazy with the grand gestures or gifts as signs of love. Your partner will be far more impressed when you remember how they love Kiwi Strawberry Snapple and you grab them a bottle when you’re at the convenience store, or how they once mentioned a song they love, and you send them a verse via text. Knowing your partner’s preferences and peculiarities shows that you’re paying attention – a sign of care and consideration. You’re invested in their happiness and feel honored to have them as your mate.   Compromise             Being in a relationship isn’t always easy, as we all have our ways and wants. If you’re willing to budge even when it’s a bit of a bother, you’re signaling to your partner that you can compromise, which is crucial for a relationship to work. When you love someone, you’re OK with putting their needs at the top of your list, as long as you find the balance that suits your overall situation. This doesn’t mean that your happiness gets put on the back burner, as they’ll have to share the load and shift their priorities too. Compromising shows that you’re a caring couple. You can work as a team to take on small steps as well as significant struggles. Make it your mission to manage this give and take, and always be the one to go the extra mile to make your partner comfortable.   Be Affectionate             You may not always be “in the mood,” but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your partner’s needs. A peck on the cheek, cuddling in [...]

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3 Fun Stay at Home Date Night Ideas for Couples

A night on the town is always sexy, but you can create your own allure with a stay-at-home date night that’s just as juicy. There’s no reason to step out when you have everything you need right at home. Plan a romantic evening in to remember with your special someone and you won’t miss the crowds or cost of going out. Your partner will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and your sense of creativity when it comes to keeping it hot…at home. These three fun at-home date night ideas below are sure to please, proving having a good time doesn’t require reservations.   Fondue and Fine Wine             A steamy pot of fondue and a nice bottle of wine will hit the spot. Go for something savory with a blend of cheeses or stir up something sweet like dark chocolate mixed with gooey caramel and heavy cream. Supply all the treats to dip into the pot, such as crusty bread bites, long pretzel sticks, veggies and fruit, and whatever else comes to mind. Step up your gourmet game by tenderly feeding one another your bubbling creation. Wash the food down with a full-bodied merlot or a light prosecco. You certainly don’t need a full plate of food to satisfy your hunger, and fondue is the perfect mini meal for getting in the mood.   Binge-Watching with Your “Boo”             Staying at home means you can snuggle up in your jammies and get cozy. Catch up on your favorite must-see TV series or watch those movies you’ve heard rave reviews about from your friends. No theater, no problem. Pop a giant bowl of extra-butter popcorn to share, serve some hot cocoa with marshmallows and whipped cream, and get comfy on the couch under a giant blanket. You have all night to be entertained, so be sure you are wide awake before it is time to settle in and binge. Perhaps perking up with some coffee beforehand wouldn’t be a bad idea!   Good Old-Fashioned Game Night             Bring out the board games, a deck of cards, or even a box of Dominos. Dust off that old “Twister” and get all tangled up together. It’s fun to dive into some friendly competition, and a game night date at home is the best way to bond. If you do not have anything to play with, there’s always a game of charades to fall back on. Then again, there are plenty of online games you can download, so poke around through the apps for something you’re both eager to enjoy. Relive your childhood with a new sense of silliness. You don’t have to be serious all the time, and game night will get you feeling like a kid again. Perhaps the winner gets to choose the next date night plans!   Have tons of fun with your partner without setting foot out the front door. [...]

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3 Ways to Spice Up Your Love Life

Is your love life lacking in the fireworks department? Perhaps you have been busy…or bored, and the idea of sparks flying isn’t exactly on your mind. It’s understandable, but let’s undo it. When it comes to staying connected to your partner, keeping things hot in the bedroom is part of a healthy relationship. You don’t have to swing from the chandeliers or reenact a steamy sex scene from a movie, but it would benefit you both if you took things up a notch. It is far too easy to fall into a rut, especially if you have been together for a while. Sure, the lust for one another may have waned, but the comfort level can be amped up with some conscious creativity. The “honeymoon” phase can last longer if you put in the effort. Here are three ways to spice up your love life. You deserve to feel sexy and satisfied.   Dress the Part             You can get into the mood by changing up your wardrobe. Rather than flopping around in stained sweats or your worn-out college T-shirt, slip into something that hugs your curves and reveals some skin. Don’t worry about your perceived “flaws” or flab. Every inch of you is fabulous, and flaunting it will kick things into motion the moment you look in the mirror. If you don’t have anything in your dresser that suits you, it is the perfect chance to peruse online to shop for something a bit risqué. When you are dressed to impress, expect to get noticed.   All-Day Foreplay             There is no need to wait until you’re together to “get it on.” Tease and tempt one another throughout the day to prepare for what’s to come later that night. This can involve suggestive text messages, saucy mid-day phone calls, or little love letters left in secret places. Spritz some of your perfume on your partners clothing or leave a pair of your panties in their bag or briefcase. The element of surprise is remarkably stimulating. When the promise of romance is awaiting their arrival, the hours-long build-up will be worth the wait.   Reminisce and Recapture             Go back in time to when your love life was at its peak. The memories will ignite a renewed interest in getting back to the place when you couldn’t keep your hands off one another. Never feel embarrassed to bring it up, and don’t make your partner feel badly that your love life has fizzled out ever since. They’ve surely noticed it too, so be delicate, but determined. It is common among couples, but you don’t have to be another statistic. Speak in positive terms about these hot and heavy times, and how much you enjoyed the excitement. You can pretend you’ve just met and relive the interactions and intimacy all over again. And this time, you can do it even better! [...]

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3 Great Dating Tips for Single Parents

Hey single parents! Are you ready to get back out there and date? Finding someone who suits you isn’t a simple feat, but when you feel like it’s time to test the waters, you’ll find there are plenty of fish in the sea. Dating as a single parent does have its intricacies. You’re not on your own with no obligations or obstacles. That said, you now have the drive and determination to find a special someone who is not only a good fit for you, but for your kids as well. While you may not be considering what the future may hold on a first date, it is a detail that’s necessary to navigate. Why bother getting involved with someone who won’t fit in with your family? Your kids are your number one priority, so whoever you date must be on board with your commitments. Weeding out the winners could take time but finding “The One” is well worth it. Before you join a dating site or flip through an app, go to the bar on singles’ night or get set up on a blind date, here are three tips to take into consideration. First and foremost, have fun, but have the presence of mind that your children will be part of the process.   Be Clear Upfront             Mention you’re a single parent from the get-go. This is probably the most important thing you need to share, so don’t wait until date two or three to “reveal” this information. If your date is into you, this news will either be a non-issue or a problem. If it’s the latter…see ya later. You must find a potential partner who is cool with dating a parent. Perhaps they’re one too. Being a single parent shouldn’t scare anyone off, but not everyone is interested in dating someone with children. That’s their prerogative, and it’s yours to move on and meet someone else.   Take Time Before the Big Intro             You should be in a committed relationship before bringing the person you’re dating around your kids. This introduction is a big deal, and it will have an impact on your family. Seeing too many dates come in and out of your life can confuse kids, cause resentment, and just make things awkward. When you’re sure that it’s time to share this aspect of your life with your children, don’t spring it on them with an impromptu intro. Talk first, let them ask questions, and then set up a casual and comfortable meeting where everyone can get to know each other. Things should go smoothly if you’re in a healthy relationship and it feels natural to bring your kids into the mix.   Never Settle             As a single parent, you may be eager to marry or move in with your mate so you can have someone to help you raise your family. [...]

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Grateful Body: How to Find an Open Heart in Troubled Times

Many of us know the power of gratitude to change our lives. When we’re reminded to practice gratitude, most of us find ourselves filled with love and peace. As we bring to mind all that we are thankful for in our lives, we feel waves of positive feelings.   In America, we even dedicate our most precious national holiday to this practice: Thanksgiving. Gratitude shifts our focus from what we lack to what we have, it brings us into presence and opens our hearts. But, what if all we are grateful for is stripped away? What if we find ourselves filled with longing, fear, or anger as we peer at the unjust world around us?   Even the most conscientious practice of gratitude can fall short when we focus gratitude on the things outside ourselves. We are grateful for our family, health, wealth, peace, and friendships. Then one day, perhaps in the midst of a pandemic, all is unceremoniously taken from us. Our family is ill, our job is lost, our nation’s shortcomings are thrown in our face. What then can we be grateful for? How then can we find our way back to an open and loving heart? How can we take up the fight if we are paralyzed by loss or anger?   The answer comes when we practice gratitude for our inner gifts. The gift of our own calmness, kindness, and love. As the world around us churns in violent upheaval, we can return to love through this deeper practice of gratitude. Practice gratitude for the qualities in yourself that you value most. Your kindness, your love, your ability to empathize with the pain of others.   From that place of gratitude, we can take up the fight for truth and justice from a posture of strength. When we anchor our gratitude in our soul’s higher qualities, we find ourselves more able to step into our power and purpose.   I work with horses in my spiritual equine coaching practice. Clients come and learn about themselves, their inner truths, challenges, and gifts, through the eyes of the horse. Horses invite us to enter the present moment, to be grateful for what is, and find peace through living in our truth. In my practice, one of my horses gave a client a beautiful gratitude practice that I will share with you now. Grateful Body Stand with feet hip width apart, shoulders relaxing down the back, and heart open. Inhale deeply into the belly, ribcage, then upper chest. Exhale deeply in the opposite direction: upper chest, ribcage, then belly. Now, focus on each body part, beginning with your toes. As you focus on each body part, bring to mind something within that you are grateful for. Work your way from toes to legs to trunk to chest to arms to fingers to neck to head. At each body part, visualize that inner quality of yourself that you are thankful for. If you run out [...]

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