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8 Monday Morning Habits of Successful People You Should Adopt

Turn Your Dreary Monday into a Productive Day!   Monday: it’s a day many people dread because it signals the beginning of the work week for most. Going into a Monday with that attitude, though, is likely to put you in a negative mood for the entire day. Instead, why not view Mondays as a new beginning? It’s a chance to get back out there and succeed. While you may not necessarily want your weekend to end, it will, so you might as well embrace Monday. Many successful people have. They start their work week out with a number of habits that put them in the right frame of mind to get ahead. Here are eight of these habits that you should consider adopting. They Start the Day Early These successful people don’t hit the snooze button multiple times or have an alarm set for the last possible minute. Instead, they’re up early so they have plenty of time to get ready for the day, eat breakfast, take care of any chores they need to do, and still have plenty of time to make it to work. They ignore that little voice that says sleeping for a few more minutes isn’t a problem. Being up early gives them time to really wake up. They also don’t have to rush, don’t stress if traffic is backed up, and have some peaceful time to themselves before the Monday rush starts. They Eat Breakfast You’ve probably heard multiple times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but how many people take the time to really eat a healthy breakfast? Many grab an energy bar or something similar, but those meals on the go are often not very healthy at all. If you get up early, you should have plenty of time to make yourself a healthy breakfast that includes a serving of fruit and a source of protein. They Get Motivated Instead of dreading Monday, these successful people take a little bit of time to motivate themselves. They get pumped up for the week, so they feel like they can take on anything. Some people spent a little time reading a motivational book, while others listen to motivational speakers on their way to work. Taking this time to get motivated will change your entire perspective on Monday and on the work week in general. They Exercise You don’t have to go to the gym the first thing Monday morning to start your week off right, but you should get up and move around. Successful people have more energy, think clearer, and feel happier on Mondays because they exercise before work. All you need to do is spend about 20 minutes doing a physical activity. You can go jogging around the block, lift weights, do pushups, or any combination of different exercises. What’s important is that you get those endorphins flowing. They Don’t Get Lost in a Sea of Emails Dealing with your email inbox may [...]

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5 Ways to Help Increase Morale in the Workplace

5 Great Tips on How to Create Positive Energy in the Workplace!   A negative atmosphere can have a huge impact on employee morale and productivity. As time goes on, people can begin to lose their edge on the job or even their desire to do a good job. Happiness and laughter often becomes a vague memory and the job quickly becomes a mundane task in their life that they dread every time they get out of bed. Remember that poor office morale can lead to bad coordination, disobedience, noncompliance, low productivity, and high turnover, which would act negatively on your company’s efficiency, productivity, and bottom line. The morale of the employees can help make or break an establishment’s success. This is why the administration and upper management need to closely watch the mood in the workplace. Supervisors and managers must find innovative ways to strengthen and boost the workers’ confidence, so this will not hinder them from reaching their goals. A few unique ways to boost morale include the use of conference speakers who use their speeches to help businesses overcome problems with worker productivity and temperament; creating employee outings to boost morale; and having reward systems in place. In addition, here are five more tips to help boost office morale: 1. Make your employees believe that their work is not just some random job. Help your workers understand that their job does have meaning and serve an actual purpose. People tend to forget this when performing daily routines. Try to remind all employees that their roles and responsibilities have an important function to the company’s operations and activities.  Furthermore, they contribute to the success of the business. You can do this by being active in the business, where your employees can see you; conversing with them on a regular basis; and being a problem solver to ensure that everything works smoothly. 2. Show your workers you appreciate them and celebrate their achievements. Tell your workers how much you appreciate them with words and congratulate everyone for their good work performance. Celebrate the accomplishments of your employees because this acknowledges their good work behavior and attainment of success. Compliments, praises, and recognition help people understand just how important they are to a business and this will make them feel good about themselves. Your celebrations can be verbal or physical, such as in the form of awards, celebrations, and outings to help employees feel just how special they are to the company. 3. Remember to always have a fun.It is important to get the job done, but remember to make room for a little fun. This can help boost the morale inside of the workplace because it will encourage excitement and laughter. When people love their jobs and enjoy what they are doing, this can help change a negative atmosphere into a more positive work environment. You can do this by using challenges, goals, games, and even outings outside of work. Let your employees see [...]

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Why You Should Visit India Once in a lifetime

Mysterious, Magical, Magnificent. Welcome to India, Country of multiple rulers, and 1.25 billion people. This country might give you a chance to fall in love with the nature again! Featuring the largest democracy in the world, India is an amazing country located in the Asian continent. On a trip to India, you will meet different people, absorb different culture, explore the best adventure sports and gather great memories which you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend, and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most destructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only!” -Said by Mark Twain. Remarkable words which are the embodiment of cultural heritage and values India posses. Be the guest of India and unleash the hidden gems! India has many reasons on this earth to be the destination for your next vacation, some of them are mentioned below: Explore the Synthesis of Different Cultures: Why do you travel? To take a break from the mundane life, to meet new people and try new food? If this is what’s on your bucket list, then India is surely the place meant for you. India is an intoxicating mixture of different religion which will blaze in your memory after you have left its shores. Indian culture is the oldest and most supreme culture in the world; it is often referred as ‘Sa Prathama Sanskrati Vishvavara.’ Right from religion to cinema to food to dance to music to literature, Indian culture has been influenced by a history which is millions and billions year old. Despite being ruled by British for a long time, India has still managed to retain its customs and traditions. There’s hardly any culture in the world which is as varied and vibrant as India. Indian culture is a myriad expression of India’s heritage and tradition. For the people of India, each and every movement is a day of celebration. Folk dances are performed on every possible occasion, to celebrate the arrival of seasons, the birth of a child, a wedding and festivals. There are enough attractions here to fill the calendars, and cuisines are nothing less than scrumptious. Do You know: India is the largest democracy in the world. Every major world religion is represented in India. Additionally, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism all originated in India. Spot the ferociously beautiful animals in wildlife reserves India’s multitude of national parks, reserves and conservation area are some of the most amazing to see on the planet. These wildlife reserves are home to the be wildering variety of wild animals-watch Asiatic animals stalk their pray or track lion tailed macaque through jungles. India is indeed a wonderland as it is home to 102 national parks, 528 wildlife sanctuaries, 43 tiger reserves, and 13 biosphere reserves. Whether it’s about exploring tigers in Jim Corbett, Uttrakhand or [...]

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7 Temples in India to Gain Enlightenment and Spiritual Beliefs

Home to sagas, heaven for devotees and paradise for vagabonds, Himalayas is the centre for all enthusiastic personas. Charismatic mountains, giddyin’ hill peaks, pious shrines and epic history, Himalaya can charm anyone naturally. In the mountains of Himalaya, one can gain spiritual enlightenment and energy to face odds of the future. Discover hidden shrines to timeless art and architecture. Mentioned below are some of the temples in Himalayas which are doorway to spirituality and adventure: Gangotri Temple- Witness the Purest form of Ganga One of the ‘char dham’ in the lap of Himalaya, Gangotri is the temple where Hinduism’s most sacred Ganga River was originated. Ganga River is worshiped here with sheer devotion. Due to mythological and spiritual reason, Ganga is famous here by the name of Bhagirathi. A scenic walk beyond Gangotrialong the Bhagirathi river will make your way too charismatic Gaumukh Glacier, it is known fact that here the water of Ganges is 100 % pure and contains no impurities. Best Time to Visit: April to June & September to November Location: Uttarakhand How to Reach: There are frequent bus services owned by the state government and private agencies, connecting to Gangotri. Closest railway station and airport is located in Dehradun. Fact File: Located near Gangotri temple, JalamagnaShivalinga is a natural rock Shivling which is visible only during the winter. It is believed that this was site where Lord Shiva held Ganga in his locks. Badrinarayan Temple/Badrinath Temple- Meditation retreat of the Sages Perched calmly in Garhwal hills on the bank of the shimmering Alaknanda River, Badrinath temple was once the official meditation retreat of Lord Vishnu. Legends say that Lord Vishnu performed meditation here for a long period of time under the shelter Badri tree. Sacred to Lord Vishnu, the main shrine is easily accessible via highway route and is major part of ‘Char DhamYatra.’ Lord Vishnu came here to perform his penance and to provide him shelter; Goddess Lakshmi took the form of Badri Tree. Till today, Badrinath attracts many yoga and meditation practitioners from across the world. Below the temple, there is a hot spring called TaptaKund. It is the holy spring water where visitors take a bath before paying a visit to the main shrine. Best Time to Visit: April to November. Avoid visiting in the month of monsoon as the area quite prone to landslide. Location: Chamoli district, Uttrakhand How to Reach: Badrinath temple is well connected with all the neighbouring cities and town. Highway route of Badrinath is extremely scenic as one can see rugged mountains and dense forest. Nearest railway station is in Rishikesh which around 138 kms away from the shrine. Fact File: Badrinath temple is one of five related shrines called PanchBadri, which are dedicated to the worship of Vishnu. KedarnathMandir-Witness the most beautiful seat of Lord Shiv Considered as an integral part of famous ‘ChotaChardham’ pilgrimage, Kedarnath is the abode of Lord Shiva and named after the famous King Kedar’s daughter who was [...]

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Safety Tips for Having a Road Bike Tour

Taking a bike out on a road bike tour is a great idea. It is a wonderful way to exercise your body and to see many great sights. A bike is environmentally friendly. It is also a great way to meet other biking enthusiasts. Bike riding is something that is great for people of any age. Men and women can ride bikes. A family can spend a lot of great time together and create some wonderful memories when they go out bike riding. Bike riding tours can be as long or as short as the people involved in them want them to be. They can be challenging or they can be relaxing. They can serve a purpose or they can be taken for no real reason at all. One of the few things that can ruin a bike riding tour is having some type of accident. Accidents can often be avoided when people are prepared for their ride and when they know a few basic safety tips. Safety Starts with the Equipment If you want to engage in safe bike riding tours, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment and that it is in working order. It is not always easy to decide what protective road bike gear accessories are really needed. A helmet is common sense, but there are many other things that can be added that can make riding a bike much safer. A biking professional can help a person make a list of the accessories that they need and that make sense for the rider and the way they are going to use their bike. Accessories are important, but the bike that is chosen is also important. While a mountain bike may be ridden on a road. It is better to get a bike that is suited for the purpose that it is going to be used. That will give the person the equipment that works best for them. A bike should also fit the rider. A bike that is too small or too big for the rider can become dangerous and may be the cause of an accident. Stay Safe by Learning how to Ride Once a rider has the right bike and the accessories they need to ride safely, they need to take the time to learn to ride properly. The old adage that riding a bike is like falling off a horse was probably written by a person that has fallen off many horses. If a person has never ridden a bike or has not ridden in a long time, they will want to refresh themselves by practicing in safe locations before heading out on the road. It may also be a good idea to take a bike riding safety course that is offered by many different organizations. There is always something that a person can learn that may help keep them safer. Bikes are vehicles and when they are out on the road, they [...]

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7 Popular Himalayan Treks Suitable for Beginners

If you are an aspiring trekker then there is no better place to hone your trekking skills than the stunning Himalayan Range. Come winter and you will find the mountain range covered in a blanket of snow which in turn attracts trekkers from across the globe. Apart from the majestic scenery that seems to stretch for as far as one can see, the trekkers are also taken in by the fact that the region has some of the most memorable treks which are ideal for first timers. These treks snake through lush meadows, glistening lakes and glaciers, and present before you a world that is such a stark contrast to your life in the city. While you trek through these amazing treks, don’t forget to halt for a while and just savor the deafening silence, the sporadic sound made by the sudden rapture of a branch breaking the pervading silence, or the chirping of birds which fills the air with life and heavenly vibes. You must now be having a mental picture of what awaits you in this amazing place. To make things easier for you, here is a list of easy treks –in no particular order- in the region that you can choose from: Chopta Tunganath: This trek takes you to the highest Shiva temple in the world, the Tungnath Temple which is perched at an altitude of 3,680 m (12,073 ft) above sea level. Located in the Garhwal Himalayas, the trek frequently features in the favorite list of trekkers as much for its incredible beauty as for the panoramic views it provides of the Panchachuli, Nanda Devi and Kedarnath Peaks. If you would like to see the rhododendron trees in their full glory, it is a better idea to come here in early spring. Altitude: 12073ft Duration: 4 Days Difficulty Level: Easy Best Season: February to November Har Ki Dun Trek: The trek which is perched at an elevation of 3566mts is especially renowned for its gleaming peaks and unsurpassed beauty. Since the valley is also teeming with rich flora and fauna, you will find naturalists and tourists tricking in to do research and study their findings. Then you would also find others clicking away at sceneries, plants or whatever catches their fancy. Har Ki Dun is also held in high esteem by the Hindus because according to legends it was the region through which the Pandavas went to heaven. Altitude: 3566 mts/11697 ft Duration: 8Days Difficulty Level: Easy- Moderate Best Season: March – June & September – Mid November The Valley of Flowers Trek: Known for its stunning meadows of endemic alpine flowers which dot the landscape, the Valley of Flowers trek presents the trekker some amazing views of the rolling mountains. The trekker would also get acquainted with the rich flora and flora of the region, with endangered animals like the Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, musk deer, brown bear, and red fox being some of the major attractions. This trek [...]

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7 Road Trips in India that You Can’t Miss

Imagine if there was nothing else to do in life other than to read, read and read. Won’t it be incredibly dull and unromantic? Luckily life is not only about staying at home and building up our knowledge poll, but is also as much about going out and having fun. In fact biologically also we are not supposed to stay switched on at all the times, or to put it more precisely even if we want to we can’t stay switched on round the clock. We need breaks from activities, from monotonies, and need to recharge our body and soul from time to time so that it can keep working like a well-oiled machine. And there is no better way to break the monotony and have some fun than embarking on road trips while casting aside all the worries of day-to-day life. Just in case you are not sure what are the best places and routes, we have a list ready for you: Mumbai to Goa: A drive that is on the radar of every passionate rider, the Mumbai to Goa route is filled with thrills and many amazing moments. Goa is a 10-hour drive from Mumbai and one can take the NH 17 to travel to the land of sun-kissed beaches, rave parties, and age-old culture and traditions. To top it, the route is dotted with picturesque landscapes, not least the amazing countryside where the rustic beauty fills your heart and mind with joy and happiness. But make sure that you start early, around 5 am, so that you get to enjoy the sunset in this amazing city. Also make a list of things to keep on the road trip for adventure tours to India; it will help you wriggle out of difficult situations and make the trip smooth. Ahmedabad to Kutch: The main attraction in Kutch is undoubtedly the Great Rann of Kutch, which is a salt marsh in the Thar Desert and by some accounts the largest of its kind in the world. It is a great time to be here during the famous Rann Utsav as during this period the area gets chock-a-block with foreign and domestic travelers who simply get caught up in the festivities. The path is a bit bumpy, so better to take it into account while planning for this 400 km journey. Stuff that you can do in Kutch includes shopping for local handicrafts and visiting the Wild Ass sanctuary. Guwahati to Tawang: Located in the North East of India, this trek will leave a lasting impression on any rider. To begin with, the natural beauty of the region is unparalleled; it is another matter that not enough is done to promote the region. But who knows, by the time you are done and dusted with this road trip, you may yourself find enough inspiration to promote this place and road trip. The trip takes you through snow-clad mountains, an Indian Army Camp, and the lush green [...]

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